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07 March 2020 @ 01:43 pm
 After a while of thinking, starting today this LJ is now friends only. It's not like I've ever bitten anyone so just comment and if we have the slightest bit of things in common I'll add you without any problem :)

I actually thought I stressed this enough but apparently not, so I'll do it again, with excception of friending meme or people I spoke to somewhere, I WILL NOT ADD YOU BACK IF YOU DON'T COMMENT. 
Doesn't matter if we have some friends in common or whatever, if we never spoke, introduce yourself before randomly adding people, that's being polite. 


(I swear I was really thinking of setting this on friends only, no it wasn't only for the sake of having this pic on the front page, NOT AT ALL 8)
02 February 2011 @ 08:09 pm
Today I snapped portraits. Portraits. ME. First time in my life and probably not going to happen anytime soon. All hail my wonderful luck which happened to make me pass by right in the middle of a procession of actors from the Sherlock Holmes shooting.
They were so fucking pretty <3

As a result, the shock killed my brain and I don't even remember the mangas I read before /shot

Anyway, without further a due have the pics, I was pretty sure I took more though, sorry :s
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